Chainmail Dice Bag

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Aldor Ravenpelt the Grim is a mighty fighter locked in deadly battle with a ferocious swarm of goblins. Aldor defeats many foes before succumbing to a slash of a goblin's blade right across his velvet tunic, and... wait, what? What kind of fighter wears velvet armor? NONE.

Your fighter wears chain mail. Why should your dice, the real world extension of your mighty warrior, have any less? Get into the mood for great role play when you show up at game night with your dice in this cool chain mail dice bag!

  • Size: 10cm x 12cm
  • 100% handmade from strong 304 Stainless steel rings
  • Bag holds approximately 7 sets of dice (49 pieces)
  • Dice not included, so stock up from Player's Emporium!