Two Ways to Up Your Dice Game!

Two Ways to Up Your Dice Game!

Yeah, so you probably came here for the dice.  A cool new bag of dice is always fun for any player or gm.  You probably already have some, so how do you pick new ones for your collection?  Let’s find out.

Easy Mode

If you’re a newbie or just don’t have a big stockpile yet, then you have an answer right here.  You can start with an “instant collection” bundle of dice.  Stock up and you’ll never need to scramble for a couple extra d6s to roll damage.

How many sets do you need?  We gotcha:

When you buy a collection, you come out ahead on price!

Next Level

If you already have the basics covered, you want to move up to the next level of quality.  You’ll want a set of heavy metal dice.  Metal dice are fun in any game and also look great as display pieces on your game shelf.

You’re also going to want to upgrade to finer quality, sharp-edged dice.  You’ll wow the table with a set of handcrafted resin dice honed to a sharper edge than standard dice.

One Last Thing…

We’re gamers just like you.  At the end of game night, what really matters is that you had fun.  Find the stuff that makes you happy and run with it – you won’t regret it!

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